Buy crypto-assets with instant, simple, safe way paying directly from your bank account with zero commission
The Crypto OTC With The Best Price. Always.
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Better Price
Our platform has access to many markets, so we get the best available price for you at every moment you need.
With Picksell you just connect your bank account with every payment, so credit cards or difficult payment systems are necessary no more.
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All protocols and data-transactions are confidential, secure and licensed by financial euro-standarts.
Qualified security
Nebula OTC Services
For Individuals
Nebula OTC will make sure are always getting
the best terms – because our volumes speak
for themselves.
For Banks
Provide your banking, FX, fund or family office with unlimited access to any volume of digital assets, at the best price. EU Regulated, Nebula is able to provide a fully compliant solution. Whatever the requirement, Nebula will make sure your clients are happy.
For Companies
Global trade requires speed, flexibility, and trust. While USD and EUR as well as a multitude of other currencies are the traditional choice, a growing number of companies use Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency to trade effectively.
For Individuals
For Banks
For Companies
Why Nebula?
Whether you are an individual, or a company looking to get exposure to BTC or the Top 100 crypto, Nebula OTC can help, making sure you are getting the best the market has to offer.
Via a unified, API integrated orderbook that connects you to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading liquidity providers, Nebula OTC provides radical transparency and complete control of pricing, ensuring you get the best possible offers, and never trade against yourself.
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